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Started our operation February 2013 in Pajo, Lapu-lapu City. Due to public demand we opened our first outside Cebu branch of the same year in Tagbilaran City, Bohol.Our tutorial center was founded by three dynamic


anonymous persons. The combined efforts of the 3 dynamic trio makes the success of the center up to this days that made the center well known because of our high passing rate of yearly EPS-TOPIK exam. Initially our Bohol branch was managed by our former students who greatly contributed the success of its operation and lately it was turned over to one of our versatile partner Miss Edita Dumaog.

From the start of our operation, our passing rate is consistently high that made our passers landed a job in South Korea up to the present time.  We already produced hundreds of passers which is now successfully working in South Korea as factory worker.


CEBU PHIL KOREAN LANGUAGE TRAINING CENTER INC.will provide basic Korean language teaching to all Filipino’s who wish to work in South Korea under the Employment Permit System. We also provide awareness orientation seminar and help our fellow students in the application process and procedures. We are aiming for a consistent 100% passing rate to all our graduates.


CEBU PHIL KOREAN LANGUAGE TRAINING CENTER INC. become the most outstanding training center in the Philippines, producing most numbers of EPS-TOPIK passers through our highest standards of training in oral, written and listening skills in Hangeul including Korean cultures and traditions that are significant to all our passers when they get hired by Korean employers.