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Please be advised that the Online Application for 2018 EPS-Point System will be
accepted starting 03 January 2018 until further notice, subject to the following requirements
and procedures:

1. Application shall be submitted thru the POEA’s Online Registration Facility only,
which can be accessed at or at
POEA e-Services). As this is a new system, applicants with existing e-Registration
are required to sign-up again to create and update their profile.

2. Qualification Requirements of HRDS-Korea

2.1 Applicants between 18 to 38 years old
2.2 With related work experience
2.3 No derogatory record
2.4 No record of deportation
2.5 Not restricted to depart from the Philippines
2.6 No physical and medical handicaps that will hamper work efficiency, e.g.,
Ishihara deficient (color blindness/weakness), slip disc, finger amputation, etc.
3.7 No Tuberculosis (TB) History
3. Procedure:
3.1 Be sure to have the following documents and encoding requirements before
accomplishing the POEA’s Online Registration form:
3.1.1 Electronic copy of the passport which is valid at least one (1) year,
clearly saved in the applicant’s computer or device
3.1.2 Electronic copy of 2” x 2” ID picture with white background, clearly
saved in the applicant’s computer or device
3.1.3 Working personal e-mail address where you can view the status of
your application anytime
3.1.4 Source documents as reference in filling out the following information:
 Personal details
 Identification and licenses
 Education
 Work Experiences, Training and Certificates
 Language Proficiency
3.1.5 Internet connection and Google Chrome browser


3.2 Online Registration Procedure:

3.2.1 Click Open the Google Chrome browser and type the URL address:
3.2.2 Click the Sign-upbutton to create your registration account.
3.2.3 Read and accept the Terms and Conditionof the e-Services, then
enter your name, passport number, email address, passport number
and passport validity date. Your sign up request will be validated and
a confirmation link will be sent to your email
3.2.4 Open your email and check if your account has been successfully
created. Click the confirmation link to set and confirm your password.
3.2.5 The Online Registration form and your Registration Number will be
3.2.6 There will be six (6) sections to be accomplished. Click the first
section, Job Preference, then indicate your category as Landbased
and as EPS applicant, then enter your desired position.
3.2.7 Fill out the remaining sections, comprising your Personal, Education,
Identification and Licenses, Work Experiences, Training, Certificates
and Language Proficiency details.
The information that you provided will be matched with HRDS
qualification criteria and the POEA will request the documents for
validation. As such, be sure that your encoded information is
complete, correct (no errors), accurate and valid.
3.2.8 Click Review and Save profile.
3.2.9 Your myPOEA will be displayed where you can print your Applicant
Information Sheet and view the status of yourapplication and other
notifications from POEA.
3.2.10 The detailed procedure can be viewed at the Online Registration
System homepage,
3.3 All received applications will pass through the Pre-Screening system to
examine profiles of registered applicants against the established qualification
criteria of HRDS-Korea andto inform applicants of other requirements, as
3.4 Online Payment. To facilitate the EPS registration, the e-Payment module
using the Landbank’s e-Payment Facility will be implemented. Pay only
through the POEA e-Services link to Landbank on the scheduled date of
payment which will be announced later.
3.5 All pre-qualified applicants will undergo the following tests required by HRDSKorea:

 1
st round: Test of Proficiency in Korea (TOPIK) either through Paperbased
test (PBT) or Computer-based test (CBT)
 2
nd round: Skills and Competency Test, if they passed the 1st round test
Applicants will receive notification on the schedule and status of their
application and test results through their registered email and myPOEA
account. They can also visit the POEA website ( for further
announcement and/or instructions
3.6 The roster of applicants who passed both the TOPIK and Skills tests will be
endorsed to HRDS-Korea. Please note that the inclusion of applicants in the
HRDS job-seeker roster will not guarantee an automatic employment in Korea

4. Important Reminders

4.1 Only one application per individual shall be observed. Do not attempt to
create a new account by changing your personal information and
identification if you forgot your user name and password. There is a Forgot
and Change Password Facility in the e-Services Portal to retrieve or change
your password. Likewise, you can also edit and update your record by
logging on to your e-Registration account anytime. If you still have problem
with your account, you can click the Contact Us facility or call the Manpower
Registry Division of the POEA at Telephone Number 7221172 or any POEA
Regional Offices near your place.
4.2 The applicants shall be held solely responsible for the use of their e-Services
account. They shall be responsible in promptly examining their transactions
for any wrong and unauthorized entries. Hence, they should not entrust the
creation and updating of their account with anyone.
4.3 POEA has no connection with any private Korean Language Training Center.
All related EPS requirements, announcements and schedule will be provided
by POEA only

5. Grounds for Disqualification

5.1 Submission of false information and fake documents
5.2 Double registration using different credentials


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