Journey Visits Seoul

It is exactly a week ago now when Journey ~ the American rock group ~ visited Korea and performed in a two-hour sold out show. I was there with the coolest friends you could ever go to a concert with ~ despite knowing only two or three songs they still rocked, waved their cellphones and danced to the tunes!




I’ve been a fan of Journey since 1984 ~ Steve Perry era ~ and I don’t know their songs except for the ones in recent albums. I stopped listening until the “Arrival” album. Then about three years ago, I started listening to Journey again ~ when Steve Perry came out from his hideout and performed with the “Eels”.

So how was the concert? Fun, fun, and fun! There was a Korean guy seated behind me who sang louder than Arnel Pineda. It was a sold out show and I never knew until that concert that Journey has fans in South Korea!

I was seated at the third row and we were so close to the stage that I could see every line in Ross Valory’s face. Somehow, I was thankful that Steve Perry is not the group’s singer anymore ~ or I’ll probably rush to the stage and make a scene!

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