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PTPA : Be one of our students..ENROLL NOW ....LEARNING TODAY EARNING TOMORROW.... and be one of Filipino working as factory workers in SOUTH KOREA ,,through POEA & HRD... WANT TO KNOW MORE?contact us at 0923-283-8601 /0943-407-9243 / 09366838615 / 0905-8379-238 ..THANKS

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Journey Visits Seoul

It is exactly a week ago now when Journey ~ the American rock group ~ visited Korea and performed in a two-hour sold out show. I was there with the coolest friends you could ever go to a concert with ~ despite knowing only two or three songs they still rocked, waved their cellphones and [...]

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Work in Korea for Filipinos: EPS (2017 version)

There are Filipinos looking for work abroad. A lot of the jobs available overseas require a placement fee and an agency BUT not in South Korea. For Filipinos who want to work in the country, here is the updated process. Before 2017, applicants only need to pass the EPS-TOPIK or the Korean language test to [...]

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How to Change E9 to E7 Visa

E-9 is the visa given to EPS workers in Korea. Filipinos who want to work in the manufacturing industry in Korea can come here through the EPS system. The E-9 visa has a lot of limitation. The visa is dependent on the employer, so it is not easy to change jobs and the worker cannot [...]

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Korea raises minimum hourly wage to 7,530 won for 2018

SEOUL (The Korea Herald/ANN) - South Korea's minimum wage for next year was set at 7,530 won (US$6.64) per hour, up 16.4 per cent from this year, officials said Saturday.  South Korea’s Minimum Wage Commission set next year’s minimum hourly wage at 7,530 won ($6.64), in the steepest on-year increase in 17 years, making the first [...]

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