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Interested Applying as Factory Worker in South Korea? This guide will help you achieving your goals.


*Person aged 18 and 38
*Person who has not been convicted of imprisonment or heavier punishment
*Person who has no record of deportation or departure orders from Korea.
*Person who is not restricted from departure of home country
*Person who has no color blindness and color weakness
*Person who has no physical handicaps such as slipped disc or finger amputation.

  • Each applicants must have a valid passport at least one year validity before the exam date.
  • Applicants must  register to POEA E-REGISTRATION.
  • Applicants must have a knowledge about Korean Language.You can Enroll to Cebu Phil  Korean Language Training Center Inc. or you can do some self study but we would highly recommend to enroll in Language Review Center.
  • Wait for POEA ‘S announcement of  online registration dates.You can View it here usually its around on the first quarter of the year.

Note: Applicants must have a scanned copy of passport(don’t resize the actual size) and picture.All transactions are online including the payment of  the exam its 1,196 pesos.

  • After a successful registration applicants must wait for the announcement of exam date.Its either Either PBT (Paper Based Test) or CBT (Computer Based Test).
  • Wait for announcement of test results.If passed the first round of exam  applicants must prepared the 2nd round of exam  (competency and skills test) . test.

 What is Competency Test?

is your work experience documents related to any manufacturing industry that you will submit directly to poea branch as a proof  that you have  experienced on that industry.Applicants that submitted documents will be given additional points  that will be added on your exam total score.

Note: What are the Basic Skills Test?Its a test that consist of physical strength,interview,and basic skills

Physical Test:

  • Measure your grasping power with each hand once by using a grasping power measurement tool.2nd Round Skills Test Measuring grasping power
  • Measure your back strength once by using a back strength measurement tool.                                                            EPS TOPIK Measuring back strength
  • Measure your Height and Weight by using measuring instrument.

Measure your Height and Weight by using measuring instrument


  • Introduce yourself and your strengths and job experience, career plans into Korean.
  • Answer Korean questions in proper Korean.
  • Name the 60 tools in Korean presented by instructor.

skills test tools


Basic Skills Test

  • Insert Pins- insert the pins in to the slate provided according to
    the color, size and shape.

insert pin skills testinsert pin skills test

  • Hang Items-Hang the rings on the rod according to size.

hang items skills testAssemble bolt and nut

  • Wear the protective gloves. Next, using appropriate tools, tight the provided bolts
    and nuts to the designated location carefully. The proctor will check the outcome of
    your performances.
  • Disassemble the joined bolts and nuts in accordance with the instructor’s directions.
  • Please be careful not to lose points by using too much pressure or damaging the
    tools for assessment.

assemble bolt and nut

  • To be added on the final list of passers HRD Korea will calculate the total  score of 1st and 2nd round of exam.Since its is EPS-TOPIK POINT SYSTEM average score will be depend on the ranking and qouta.
  • The Final applicants must  create an EPS ACCOUNT so you can view the applicants immigration progress.

Status of EPS-Account

* Job Seekers Roster Forwarding Date

  • SEND-This means that  the sending agency (POEA) already submitted your documents to HRD Korea.

*Job Seekers Roster Approval Date

  • APPROVAL-your requirements being reviewed and approved by hrd korea  once approved you will be added to the rooster that means you will have a chance to have a employer (EPI).
  • RETURNED-the requirements submitted have some common issue like blurred copy of passport,handwritten can inquire to POEA hotline 02 722 1146/1175/1174. to fix this issue.Or you can call HRD Korea here in the Philippines  02 470 1853.

*EPI Employment Permit Issuance

  • ISSUED-if issued your been selected by employer.

*Standard Labor Contract Forwarding

  • CONTRACT TRANSFERRED-you have now a contract go to POEA to sign the contract within 2-5 days.



500 pesos for Korean Language Refresher Course Training.
Bank account (any OFW remittance account)
Copy passport

*Standard Labor Contract Signing

SIGNED-reflects that you have already sign the contract.


*Korean Language Refresher Course Training.

After signing of contract ask for schedule for KLRCT.Poea will also announce the date on there website.

*NBI, Medical and TB test

  • We suggest that while waiting for Korean Language Refresher Course Training  (KLRCT) applicants must get there NBI also there MEDICAL.


*CCVI Certificate for Confirmation of Visa Issuance.

  • CCVI-Submit all the requirements below.Note your given only 5 days for the requirements to be submitted.If you have now the CCVI you can now pay for the Visa Fee,Owwa, Philhealth, Pag ibig, OEC etc. you can only pay for airfare if you have TED already.

List of Requirements that must be submitted:

1. Passport
2. NBI
3. KLCT Training Certificate
4. Training Fee Receipt
5. EPS Peos Certificate
6. TB Clearance
7. Medical Certificate (complete set)
8. Contract
9. NSO/PSA Birth Certificate.


Expenses that must be paid.

1. POEA Processing fee 2,143.47
2. OWWA Membership 1,171.74
3. Philhealth/Medicare 2,400.00
4. Pag-ibig Contribution 100.00
5. Visa Fee 2,700.00
6. Airfare more or less 13,000.00

*PDOS Pre Departure Orientation Seminar

If you already have the TED and paid for the expenses always check POEA for PDOS schedule.PDOS will discuss all your flight details the do’s and dont’s including luggage and hand carry max wight etc.

*Actual Entry Date

This is the the arrival date in South Korea we suggest to be on the airport 3-4 hours before the flight.